Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Week 4: Looking forward.

Throughout the week, I have been doing a lot of thinking. What do I want out of this degree? Where do I wish to go with my life? How do I wish to interact with the people I meet along the way, my motivation to get somewhere is ten times the amount it used to be, and I am glad. This week has been enlightening, I have spent some time with friends and had a great time with my Father. So this post is mostly about looking ahead.

Thank you for reading.


This image was captured a while back, but I wish to post it anyway. On the night before my interview for NTU, I stopped off at a Bed and Breakfast in Leicester for a place to stay. This was my key and the bed I was staying in lit in such a way that may be connected to a movie still or commercial. This photograph links in well with my situation at the moment, looking forward into the next year of my further education. It brings an aura of nostalgia to think this was taken a year ago and to see how much my motivation has been boosted since then. A picture that shows warmth in the future.

Song listening to right now: Pink Floyd - Coming Back to Life

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