Friday, 9 December 2011

Week 126: An end to things.

So ending my travels for a bit, a little rest is deserved I think. Things will change, I have to come to terms with the idea of not having much of a routine. My life will get a little boring for a bit, I'm sure most of you have had boring periods throughout your life and if not you are most likely to experience them at some point. For now I shall entertain you with photographs from my journeys that connect with my feelings over the next few weeks. So even though this is an end to being busy, this is also a good time to reflect for me.


Taken in Little Italy, New York. I know this is technically two photographs, but it's more effective as a diptych. Just a funny photograph since I will be relaxing for the next few weeks. He had been hiding underneath that carnival stand all afternoon. Primarily to keep warm, but every now and again he would pop out to pick up people's half finished cigarettes and dropped food or change. Obviously nothing special behind these two photographs, just a little bit of humour.

Song listening to right now: I Am Hell (Sonata in C) - Machine Head

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