Saturday, 31 December 2011

Week 129: Post Christmas.

So I only just realised I posted a blog on Christmas day without realising it, so this one is dedicated to the holidays. I had a good Christmas this year, seeing my grandparents was great. It was quite but at least I got to see my family. I think there are two things that run this world, one is a lot less valuable than the other. Family and Money. The great thing about being human beings is that we are one of the only species that have a sense of morality around family. A lot of animals will look after their children until they can physically survive, then leave them to find their own way. Sea turtles leave their eggs behind on the beach and never ever see their kids again. Some animals even feed on their children in desperate need. We, as humans, are the only species to have an almost full sense of morality. Some choose to ignore it and some acknowledge it but do nothing with it. I am grateful to have a caring family and people surrounding me that do love me.


"Youth is the engine of the world" - Matisyahu Miller.

Song listening to right now: Youth - Matisyahu

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