Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Week 132: Prompt.

Something always urges me to do something that frightens the living daylights out of me. I think it's when I lose motivation. You know when you're feeling like there is going to be no outcome to everything you do and so, in turn, you feel as though it won't be worth doing it? I get that feeling every now and again. I think it is that very feeling that pushes me to just get back on my feet and put everything I've got into my work. So it's almost a risk, putting all your time and effort into something that may turn out to be nothing. I like that feeling, it's almost like adrenaline.


This was a Desert Starling, taken in Massada. I could get so close to him that I could see the reflection of my lens in his eyeball, he didn't even flinch. Nothing scared him. I'm sure I could have even picked him up. I'm not sure whether these birds are actually scared by humans getting up close to them, seeing how close we can get before they fly off or they just couldn't care less. Either way it reminds me of how I feel when I do purposely something to scare myself.

Song listening to right now: Viva Las Vegas - ZZ Top

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