Sunday, 18 November 2012

Week 171: Detrimental.

So if kindness kills, then what is the point with having good intentions in the first place? If your intentions are to forgive, to offer support, to apologise and to be a friend, yet all of these things get thrown back in your face, then why bother in the first place?

I tell myself all the time to be kind to everyone I meet, everyone I have a past with and everyone that I work with. I do my best to bridge gaps and I try my best to keep most people happy. However, I've found that this just tends to hinder any progress with showing that you're being geniune. Wishing people happiness is a hard thing to do, it takes a lot of courage and when that person does not accept those wishes then it seems like a big waste of time.

If I was to ignore someone and tell them to leave me alone, I'd probably get more gratitude. It's a stupid social concept that has seemed to grow in our society. The phrase "nice guys finish last" is now the basis of friendship. I will continue to be how I was brought up to be.


You know when you give a homeless person money or food and they don't seem to appreciate it? Just sit and talk to them for a while. It shows you a true perspective on true colours. I'm compiling a book at the moment. Have a look at my website for more information.

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