Thursday, 9 December 2010

Week 77: Primate.

This has been an intense collection of days. Every day has been pro active, it is satisfying but it is also a drain on my self esteem. I am too tired to appreciate myself or anything that is a product of my hard work. In a sense this cannot be mended, however it can be analysed and learnt from. If you work hard then you can look back on your striving to come up with an efficient way to balance work and confidence.

I know it may sound silly to be too tired to be self confident, but it's all completely true. Think about it next time you're eyelids won't let you focus in on the ground glass of a Sinar.

Too tired.

This is also from the project I am still working on. It will keep unfold so keep you're eyes peeled whilst you still can.

Song listening to right now: Davidian - Machine Head

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