Thursday, 23 December 2010

Week 79: Merry Christmas.

Well the subject for this week's post is obvious. I won't say much about my ideas or work as I am not thinking of my ideas or my work. All I can do this week really is to send out all my care and wishes to everyone that reads this blog. I sincerely hope everybody has a fantastic Christmas and New Year. You have all been great to me.

Very short this week.

This is an old picture that shows the warmth of family relationships. There's nothing big and "conceptual" behind it. I just have an attention to detail when it comes to the relationships of certain characters whether they are fictional or imaginary. You may say that imaginary characters are fictional. Not necessarily. You may imagine the correct relationship between the two characters portrayed in a photograph and then therefore it is not quite fiction. If it was a fictional relationship then I guess they would have to be called actors.

Song listening to right now: Glory Days - Bruce Springsteen

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