Thursday, 2 December 2010

Week 76: Late II.

This has been the second time I have been late in seventy six weeks which I think is actually quite good going, considering the task I have set myself. Both the internet and the dissertation have been the main contributor to the lateness. However, this week has contained a lot of expanding. Expanding on ideas and expanding on my life style. I have changed, and I know it for sure. I have completely changed my view on things that may seem illusive to others. These things are completely crystal clear to myself, but on the other hand I believe I lack the ability to understand things that others are so easily used to. The week that follows will probably be the most stressful I have experienced in a while. I am not ready.


This is part of my new idea, it will evolve, and you shall see it evolve. The images are not nudes for the sake of being nudes. The concept will reveal itself in time.

Song listening to right now: Weather With You - Crowded House

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